Brian Church

Brian ChurchBaritone Brian Church is described by The Boston Globe as “vocally clear and physically crafty” and enjoys a busy and a varied career in the Boston arts scene. Specializing in Contemporary Music, he is a regular performer with Callithumpian Consort and Sound Icon. He has also performed in the Tanglewood Festival of Contemporary Music, with the Grammy winning vocal group Roomful of Teeth, as a member of the Choir at King’s Chapel and the Cantata Singers, and has sung, accompanied on guitar and written arrangements and transcriptions for the Renaissance Men.

As a veteran of Guerilla Opera, Church’s repertoire includes roles in the operas Heart of a Dog (Rojahn), Loose, Wet, Perforated (Vines), Say It Aint So, Joe (Hughes), Giver of Light (Roberts), and the title roles in Pedr Solis (Bloland) and Beowulf (Lash). He has recorded and toured with the group and taken part in residencies at the University of Memphis, Hubbard Hall (Cambridge, NY) and Brandeis University.

As a contemporary musician and song-writer he played bass and sang with the avant-noise punk group Tristan Da Cunha and this past summer, he released his 2nd album entitled “Then That Soon I See.” Listen to more of his original music at