The livestream of Giver of Light from Thursday, May 23 is no longer available. Did you see it? Let us know what you think in an email or by Tweeting at us!

We want to thank our supporters beyond Boston for always pushing us to reach out. We get tweets and emails that ask us: “When are you coming to Chicago?” “When are you coming to L.A.?” This is our best attempt to make this beautiful opera accessible to National and International audience. Thank you for making our first livestream a success.

We would especially like to thank The Boston Conservatory A/V Department for providing top-notch video and sound, The Rumi Project for helping us get the word out through their impressive social media resources and the Vancouver Rumi Society whose members gathered for their own Giver of Light viewing party!

The Vancouver Rumi Society emailed us to say:

Courageous Guerillas,

We heard about your world premier and probably would have not watched new opera. But your topic hooked us and a group of our Society members gathered to catch the opening. We have been inspired by Rumi and his beautiful transformative dance for over 30 years… We ended up watching through a second time and got to Ruminate much more deeply and satisfyingly on the ending. It has stayed with me, at least. Thank you for going beyond Hollywood. This was our “Demi Moore” fear coming in. I think it needs a third viewing.

Raqib Brian Burke
Vancouver Rumi Society

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