“Rocked the local opera scene […] Sometimes, it takes a punk-rock mentality to breathe new life into a 350-year-old art form”THE BOSTON PHOENIX

“The Guerilla Opera company is proving that small companies can make it these days…”ROSEBROOK CLASSICAL BLOG

Loose, Wet, Perforated by Nicholas P. Vines (Sept. 2016)

“A striking and vivid new production… colorful music… the score is a marvel of text setting… The singers, composed of Guerilla Opera regulars, were excellent.” Aaron Keebaugh, Boston Classical Review

Beowulf by Hannah Lash (May 2016)

“Brian Church sang handsomely and acted compassionately… clarinetist Amy Advocat, saxophonist Philipp A. Stäudlin, percussionist Mike Williams, and violinist Lilit Hartunian played with passion and assurance…” STEVE SMITH, THE BOSTON GLOBE

“…a contemporary tale, yoked to the past with one simple word — a name….relentlessly inventive…an inspired authorial stroke.” KEITH POWERS, THE ARTERY, WBUR

Troubled Water by Mischa Salkind-Pearl (Sept. 2015)

“In Higuchi’s story “A Snowy Day,” the narrator envies “those who see the snow spread out before them and fashion their metaphors.” “Troubled Water” honors that impulse to view the world from a vantage — and distance — of artistic possibility.”MATTHEW GUERRIERI, THE BOSTON GLOBE

“In an age when opera companies are buckling under increasing financial pressures to stage elaborate performances, Guerilla Opera is a breath of fresh air. With a shoestring budget, the company has brought a host a new and enticing works into existence. ‘Troubled Water’ is another exemplary show in a string of worthy repertoiry. It is a mesmerizing work, and received a memorable performance.” — AARON KEEBAUGH, BOSTON CLASSICAL REVIEW

Pedr Solis by Per Bloland (May 2015)

“Per Bloland’s ‘Pedr Solis,’ given its premiere staging on Friday by Guerilla Opera, hit a sweet spot… the whole thing — as usual with Guerilla Opera — realized with energy and commitment. […] The singers, all Guerilla Opera familiars, were uniformly estimable.”  — MATTHEW GUERRIERI, THE BOSTON GLOBE

“…the production by Guerilla Opera proved to have as much sex, violence, special effects, blood and guts, and dead bodies at the end as anything by Richard Strauss.” — DAVID WRIGHT, BOSTON CLASSICAL REVIEW

Let’s Make a Sandwich (Sept. 2014)

“…one of Guerilla Opera’s greatest strengths has been its ability to ground even the wildest of theatrical excursions in the lines of communication between performers and audience: Its productions invite you in.” — MATTHEW GUERRIERI, THE BOSTON GLOBE

“…well-crafted music … Hughes’ score for RareBit features an eclectic wash of sounds, with low buzzing electronics mixing with angular riffs from winds, vibraphone, and drums, expertly played…” — AARON KEEBAUGH, BOSTON CLASSICAL REVIEW

Gallo by Ken Ueno (May 2014)

“The music is rich in inspiration, elegantly stark in effect… very much an experimental opera, not only in its willingness to try anything, but in that its dramatic impulse is, in essence, its inventive impulse… demonstrating that the family tree still produces surprising branches.” — MATTHEW GUERRIERI, THE BOSTON GLOBE

“uninhibited… ravishingly beautiful…” — LLOYD SCHWARTZ, NEW YORK ARTS

No Exit by Andy Vores (Sept. 2013)

Exceptional… There is no hiding the trio’s talents as singers and actors… — JEFFREY GANTZ, THE BOSTON GLOBE

Vores’s seductive and scary score is a wonder of musical invention. — LLOYD SCHWARTZ, NEW YORK ARTS

A gripping evening of music and theater… — DAVID WRIGHT, BOSTON CLASSICAL REVIEW

Giver of Light by Adam Roberts (May 2013)


ATTRACTIVELY KINETIC score… VIBRANT… Guerilla Opera as a company (Rudolf Rojahn and Mike Williams, artistic directors) seemed to be exactly where it should be: bringing a FRESHLY AMBITIOUS new chamber opera into the world with PLUCK AND STYLE.The Boston Globe

an attractive mix of the familiar and EXOTIC… OTHERWORLDLY… INVENTIVE staging…Boston Classical Review

One need not be an opera aficionado or Rumi scholar to appreciate what they’re doing here. It’s CREATIVE, PASSIONATE, SKILLED, and TRANSFORMING, which is all opera ever has or should be.North Shore Art Throb

Heart of a Dog by Rudolf Rojahn (September 2010)


Heart of a Dog is SMART, QUIRKY contemporary opera with a lot of talent, creativity, and professionalism behind it… A prime and rare example of OPERA PROPERLY COMPOUNDED WITH THEATER.BOSTON LOWBROW

Say It Ain’t So, Joe (September 2009)