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Flordia Grand Opera to Perform Guerilla Opera Commissioned Opera

Press Release (Feb. 2014)**
Photos from Guerilla Opera 2014 Production

New Website, New Blog

Press Release (Mar. 2013)**


Let’s Make a Sandwich

an experiment in opera production (wp)
Music and librettos by Rudolf Rojahn and Curtis K. Hughes
Press Release (Apr. 2014)
Press Photos (available on Sept 26)


A fable in music in one act (wp)
Music and libretto by Ken Ueno
Press Release (Apr. 2014)
Press Release – Livestream (May 2014)
Press Photos (available soon)

No Exit

based on the play by Jean-Paul Sartre
Music and libretto adapted by Andy Vores
Press Release (Sept. 2013)
Press Release (Apr. 2008) (wp)
Press Photos
Press Kit

Giver of Light

based on the life of the poet Rumi
Music and libretto by Adam Roberts (wp)
Press Releases (May 2013)
Press Photos (.ZIP; High res. for print.)

Bovinus Rex

Music and libretto by Rudolf Rojahn (May 2012) (wp)
Press Release

Loose, Wet, Perforated

Music and libretto by Nicholas Vines (Sept. 2011) (wp)
Press Release

Heart of a Dog

based on the novella by Mickhail Bulgakov
Music and libretto by Rudolf Rojahn (2007-2012)
Press Photos

Hubbard Hall, Cambridge NY (Sept. 2012)

Press Release

Opera America Conference, Boston, MA (May 2011)

Press Release

University of Memphis Rudi E. Scheidt School of Music (Feb. 2011)

Press Release

New Production, Boston, MA (Sept. 2010)

Press Release

World Premiere Production, Boston, MA (May 2007) (wp)

Press Release

Say It Ain’t So, Joe

adapted from public record of the 2008 Vice Presidential Debate
Music and libretto by Curtis K. Hughes (Sept. 2009) (wp)
Press Release


based on the Grimm Brothers Fairy Tale
by Marti Epstein (May 2009) (wp)
Libretto by Marti Epstein and Greg Smucker
Press Release

We Are Sons

Music and libretto by Rudolf Rojahn (Sept. 2008) (wp)

Season Announcements

2013-2014 Season (August 2013)

Press Release

2011-2012 Season (August 2011)

Press Release

2010-2011 Season (June 2010)

Press Release

2008-2009 Season (June 2008)

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