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Beowulf by Hannah Lash (Apr. 2016)
Press Release

Brandeis University: Student Composer Workshop (Apr. 2016)
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Troubled Water by Mischa Salkind-Pearl, libretto by Frederick Choi (July 2015)
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Live Stream Press Release

Pedr Solis by Per Bloland, libretto by Paul Schick (Apr. 2015)
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Let’s Make a Sandwich
Operas by by Rudolf Rojahn and Curtis K. Hughes (Apr. 2014)
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Gallo by Ken Ueno (Apr. 2014)
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No Exit by Andy Vores (Sept. 2013)
Based on the play by Jean-Paul Sartre
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News Releases

Songstress Susan Larson Joins Guerilla Opera’s Board of Directors
Press Release (Dec. 2015)**

Flordia Grand Opera to Perform Guerilla Opera Commissioned Opera
Press Release (Feb. 2014)**

New Website, New Blog
Press Release (Mar. 2013)**