We Are Sons

IMG_7955Photo by Douglas Despres Photography (2008)

Premiere: September 17, 2008
Location: The Zack Box at The Boston Conservatory (Boston, MA)

Composed by Rudolf Rojahn
Libretto by Rudolf Rojahn
Directed by Sally Stunkel

In 1974, Ray Lee Clopas, a newly paroled pedophile, returns to his sleepy South Carolina hometown. His mother attempts to hide her son’s blighted past by forcing him to pose as a Vietnam veteran. As
her poorly conceived ruse begins to fall apart Momma decides to cure her son once and for all. With the help of a sweat-drenched minister, the town prostitute, an alcoholic, a doctor, a one-armed coward and others, this black farce explores the nature of guilt and innocence.

Kathryn Johnson, soprano (Olivia Clopas)
Aliana de la Guardia, soprano (June Jackson)
Jennifer Rizzo, soprano (Mattie Creighton)
Matthew Truss, male-soprano (Reverend Eli Hunt)
Leslie Ann Leytham, mezzo-soprano (Dolores McAvoy)
Brendan P. Buckley, tenor (Dr. Gene Singleton)
Jonathan Nussman, baritone (John Creighton)
De’Lon Grant, actor (Raymond Lee Clopas)
Mike Williams, percussion
Kent O’Doherty, saxophone
Javier Caballero, cello
Jessi Rosinski, flute

Allison Choat, production designer
Stephanie Jenkins, design assistant
Marco Carneiro, stage manager
Jeffrey Means, chamber coach
Brett Hodgdon, vocal coach
Molly Wood, rehearsal pianist