Updated 1/29/2018

Our sincerest thanks to our generous donors for supporting our 11th season! Email Clive Grainger at or call 866-615-2723 Ext. 2 to learn how to become a supporter.

The Boston Conservatory


Guerilla Opera is supported by the Amphion Foundation

Producer’s Circle ( $5,000 < )
Timothy and Jane Gillette

Associate’s Circle ( $1,000 < )
Elizabeth S. Boveroux
Robert Henry
Jim Haber & Susan Larson
John M. Loder
Peter J. Wender

Patrons ( $500 < )
Tom & Kate Kush
Mike Williams & Aliana de la Guardia

Supporters ($250 < )
Peter Braun
Martin Cohn
Mark DiGiovanni
Lloyd Fillion
Enid Ricardo Quinones And Wendy Blackfield Quinones
Richard Ortner
Susan Porter Tall
Ann Texeira
Marillyn Zacharis
Marijane Zeller

Anonymous (2)
Charles Anderson
Susan Appelbaum
Toby Axelrod
Martha Bancroft & John Hatch
John Berg
Dr. Alina Betancourt & Dr. Jay Paris
Per Bloland
Charles Blyth
Mary Chamberlain
Carole Charnow
Richard & Ruth Colwell
Miguel and Donna de la Guardia
Marti Epstein
Jean Fuller Farrington
Robert Gulick and Sara Arnold
Ryan Gunsalus
Pam Haltom
Sean Hennessey
Pauline Ho Bynum
Lynn Hughes
Amelia LeClair & Garrow Throop
Stafanie Lubowski
Rebecca and Hugues Marchand
Roxanna Myhrum
Karen Oakley
Sam Parkinson
Barbara Papesh
Theodore Pietras
Laine Rettmer
Julie Rohwein and Johnathan Aibel
Nathan Troup