Our sincerest thanks to our generous donors for making our 2014-2015 season possible! To become a supporter, email Aliana de la Guardia at alidelaguardia (at) or call 866-615-2723 Ext. 3.

Foundations & Corporate

The Amphion Foundation
The Aaron Copland Fund for Music


The Boston Conservatory
Light Conversations LLC

Season Sponsors ($10,000 to $24,999)

Timothy and Jane Gillette

Production Sponsors ($2,500 to $9,999)

Elizabeth Boveroux
Cerise Lim Jacobs (for Charles)
John M. Loder

Benefactor ($500 to $999)

Mark DiGiovanni
Kate and Tom Kush
Peter Wender

Patrons ($250 to $499)

Anonymous (1)
Susan Larson & James Haber
John MacLeod

Supporters ($100 to $249)

Toby Axelrod
Martha Bancroft
Linda Black
Diane Braun
Carole Charnow
Richard & Ruth Colwell
Miguel & Donna de la Guardia
Lloyd Fillion
J Ryan Gunsalus
Patricia Krol
Amelia LeClair & Garrow Throop
Sarah Meyers
Richard Ortner
Paris & Betancourt Dental Offices
John Berg & Martha Richmond
Susan Porter Tall
Anne Texeira

Friends (to $99)

Anonymous (1)
Alina Betancourt
Anne Campbell
Griffin Candey
Leslie J. Colburn
Warren Cutler
Judson Evans
Mary-Ann Greanier
J. Ryan Gundalus
Amanda Keil & Michael Jo
Samantha Lax
Chelsea Beatty Lewis
David McGrory
Karen Oakley
Elizabeth Seitz
Carole Simon
Ellen Douglas Schlaefer (In honor of Copeland Woodruff)
Nathan Troup

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