Loose, Wet, Perforated

Loose-Wet-Perforated-4Photo by Julia Noulin-Merat. (2011)

Premiere: September 16, 2011
Location: The Zack Box at The Boston Conservatory (Boston, MA)

Composed by by Nicholas Vines
Libretto by Nicholas Vines
Directed by Jeremy Bloom

Inspired by medieval morality plays, Loose, Wet, Perforated is the tale of “Loose” and “Wet,” who undergo various contests to climb rank in their Guild. Through good deeds and intentions one descends to isolation and despair, and the other rises to fame and fortune by way of ruthlessness and violence.

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NickVines_WebHSLoose, Wet, Perforated is a contemporary version of the medieval morality play, full of all the moral relativism which that implies. A kaleidoscope of genres -tragedy, comedy, self-reflexive farce, academic treatise, cheap erotica -it endeavors to make sense of a post-ethical, post-analytical world.

Aliana de la Guardia, soprano (Loose)
Jonathan Nussman, baritone (Wet)
Rebekah Alexander, soprano (Perforated)
Jan Zimmerman, soprano (Various)
Rane Moore, clarinets
Kent O’Doherty, saxophone
Chris Reade, trombone
Mike Williams, percussion

Julia Noulin-Mérat, scenic designer
Jennifer Woo, assistant set designer
John Jalandoni, assistant set designer
Chris Brusberg, lighting designer
Mark DiGiovanni, technical director
Adrienne Carlile, costume designer
Emilia Allen, assistant director
Kevin Schlagle, stage manager
Michael Sakir, vocal coach
Heather Stebbins, electronics