Loose, Wet, Perforated

Music and libretto by Nicholas P. Vines
Stage direction by Jeremy Bloom (2011)/Austin Regan (2016)

Premiere: September 16, 2011
Location: The Zack Box at the Boston Conservatory at Berklee

>> Download the libretto
>> Download the program (2016)

“A striking and vivid new production… colorful music… the score is a marvel of text setting… The singers, composed of Guerilla Opera regulars, were excellent.” 
Boston Classical Review (Sept. 2016)

“fascinating music”
The Boston Phoenix (Sept. 2011)

“a young composer with a sure hand for handling text”
WGBH (Sept. 2011)

“edgy, bright, and entertaining as hell. Vines makes an unlikely four-player orchestra pay seemingly endless dividends…”
New Music Box (Sept. 2011)

The opera was commissioned for and first premiered by the Guerillas in September 2011 and now in this new production, stage director Austin Regan leads the Guerilla cast and creative team through a strange game show set in a parallel future. Inspired by medieval morality plays, this opera is the tale of “Loose” and “Wet,” who undergo various trials to climb in rank in their secret Guild. Live video feed intensifies each trial and you, the “live T.V. audience,” are invited to participate at crucial moments. Which character will descend to isolation and despair and which to fame and fortune?

Loose, Wet, Perforated is approximately 75 minutes in duration, sung in English, and scored for soprano, mezzosoprano, countertenor and baritone, clarinet, saxophone, trombone, and percussion. This production has adult content and is not suitable for children under the age of 14.